A bakery,  farm, orchard and home.

Who we are and how we got here

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Bread was first baked for sale at Orchard Hill in 1997, but the story of this place begins long before that. In 1972 my grandparents purchased the land and buildings that are now Orchard Hill Farm and Breadworks and it has been a part of this family ever since. A late 1700s farm house and a dusty barn sat at the center of thirty some acres of fields and forest. Since that time, three generations have planted orchards, tended gardens, built homes and helped a bakery grow and flourish. On the property now are four homes, a school and of course the bakery. Scroll down to see how it unfolded (mostly the bakery)...

Chapter 1. Orchard Hill B.B. (Before Bakery) 

                           1800 - 1997

This photo of the farm house was taken in the late 1800s. The house remains much the same, although the two maple trees out front are more than twice the size.

Much later, but long before a bakery

Our earliest picture of the barn from some time in the early 1970‘s. This building now houses the bakery and my family’s home.

My grandmother and her cats, the primary barn residents along with some chickens before renovations began in the early 90’s.

On the verge of collapse or renovations?

Believe it or not, the space pictured here is just a few short years away from being a commercial kitchen and bakery, but none of that was known at this point, we were just saving a falling down building. Next to come was jacking up the building to pour a new foundation, and then a new concrete floor.

Chapter 2. An oven of stone and clay.


When we decided to build a wood fired oven, I had no idea baking was to become my career. The oven was simply an added feature to our little farming operation.

Before long though we had a hot oven, hungry customers and a busy baker.

The very first pizza night, a tradition that continues to this day.

Chapter 3. Enough outdoor baking. Time to move inside.

                               1998 - 2002

A new farm stand built by friends and volunteers, a new oven built by Alan Scott with the help of two dozen workshop guests, a new kitchen, a full time employee and several apprentices. The hobby bakery was no longer just a hobby.


In the green shirt is Elliot Burch, the person responsible for getting me started in baking. Also pictured in the top two photos is my father Anton.

Breads of an amateur but optimistic baker.