Our Story

We believe that good food and happy, healthy communities go hand in hand..

Bread was first baked for sale at Orchard Hill in 1997, but the story of this place begins long before that. In 1972 Noah’s grandparents purchased the land and buildings that are now Orchard Hill Farm and Breadworks, and it has been a part of his family ever since. In the early years, it was merely late 1700s farm house and a dusty barn which sat at the center of thirty some acres of fields and forest. Since that time, three generations have planted orchards, tended gardens, built homes and helped a bakery grow and flourish.

“Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat, cooking is about balancing flavors and textures with these four basic tenets as guides. It’s the foundation of cuisine all over the globe and we’d be wise to close the book from time to time and try cooking by feel.”

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