Pizza Night at Orchard Hill Breadworks

The Pizza Pavilion is a gathering place to celebrate and share meals. It’s foremost use is to host benefit Pizza Nights throughout the summer.

121 Old Settlers Road | East Alstead | 03602 | (603) 835-7845 |

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The Pizza Pavilion was made possible by gifts from hundreds of individuals and businesses.

Thank you to our major sponsors:

Bensonwood & Unity Homes

Hamshaw Lumber

Foard Panel

The Timberframe Workshop

Peter Renzelman       

Meadowdale Farm   

Ace Rental     

Peter Moore Masonry

Millpond Builders

Bret Lord - Builder

Pizza night started in 2007 as a small gathering of friends and family but now attracts hundreds of guests every week of the summer.  We've given away more than $40,000 in all, $500 to $1000 at a time to over 30 different groups. Click here to read more about how pizza night works.

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