Orchard Hill Breadworks is operated by a three person full time crew with several part time helpers. Our internship offerings are as follows:

-Short term “visiting” internships of 1 week give a brief look into the operations of   

  this small bakery and can be arranged over email and phone conversation. There is a 

  fee of $150 / week for this offering. Work trade is possible for those interested in

  manual labor such as wood stacking, deep cleaning and light carpentry.

  1. -Seasonal internships of 3 to 5 months are arranged with people interested in learning more hands on skills. A visit to the bakery prior to start date is required.

  2. -Long term  internships of 6 months to 1 year are available occasionally when one of our full time employees is taking time off or we are searching for a new full time employee.

To find out what is available, please call (603)835-7845 or email me directly for more details. noah@orchardhillbreadworks.com

Noah Elbers


Orchard Hill Breadworks

121 old settlers Rd

East Alstead NH 03602

121 Old Settlers Road | East Alstead | 03602 | (603) 835-7845 | noah@orchardhillbreadworks.com

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