Pizza Night at Orchard Hill Breadworks

121 Old Settlers Road | East Alstead | 03602 | (603) 835-7845 |

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  1. -Bring $9 for each pizza you will make. (you’ll stretch the crust so size of pizza is up to you, but 12” is typical, 14” - 16” isn’t out of the question)

  1. -We provide sauce and cheese as well as a “Pizza Garden” with an assortment of PYO veggies. Bring any additional toppings you’d like to have on you pizza.

  1. -Basic picnic wares are provided (paper plates, cups, water) but additional items like blankets and silverware are not.

  1. -BYOB

  1. -When you arrive you’ll pay, stretch your crust, top you pizza and it will be baked for you.

  1. -100% of profits go to that night’s non profit group. (see calendar)