Your head might be spinning from the zig zag progress covered to this point, but I’ve chosen to present our history in that way because it is the nature of this place. 

Hold on to your hats, there’s more to come!

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Chapter 4. Time to build a proper home 


Chapter 5.  Grow, change, and above all try not to burn out.


Chapter 6. One more oven for good measure


Five years, two ovens and one home to go...

After a few years living in a yurt,
freezing in winter and roasting in summer, a major renovation of the “barn’s” second floor provided my family and I a modern, comfortable home, and an even shorter commute to work: one staircase instead of 100 feet. Skilled professional contractors did the bulk of this construction.

She was a valiant oven that served us as well as she could, but the bakery demanded more than she could do. Time to find a new oven.

No room in here for a new oven.

That’s better.

    A new oven from Spain filled an entire shipping container with steel and brick, and eight days later stood ready to bake.

      To see a slide show of the complete oven construction, click here.

and the bread was good.

There are tools that perform many tasks very well, but there are some tasks that only a very specific tool can perform well. Our spanish oven bakes breads and pastries with flying colors, but nothing bakes a pizza like an open fire oven.  We’ve become quite attached to pizza nights with family and friends, so we built a new oven just for pizza.

Chapter 7.

Eleven years, time to freshen up


The bakery kitchen mid way through its ten year tune up.

Much better.

To top it all off, the oven now plays the dual role of water heater and bake oven thanks to a seven hundred gallon custom built water tank and many many circulating and regulating gadgets.

That brings us to the present. Thanks for following along to this point. As you might expect, there are hundreds of stories and pictures to go along with every picture you’ve seen, as well as a colorful cast of characters that have made it all happen. Check back again as I hope to add more to this page as time goes on.

Chapter 8. Today!